“No Masks No Entry” Sindh issues advisory for govt employees

KARACHI: Sindh government has issued an advisory barring entry of officials without masks in the administrative departments of the government.

The advisory states that: “Nobody shall be allowed to enter, without wearing a face mask, into the premises of all departments/attached departments/subordinate offices/autonomous bodies under the Government of Sindh,” the advisory stated.

It further says that,

– Social distancing of at least three feet should be maintained by all officials at all times in every workplace, and that the general administration will ensure that all staff is provided with face masks.

– No person having fever, flu, cough, shortness of breath and body pain shall be allowed to enter into the premises of department/office,” the notification stated.

It shall be ensured that there is no crowding or gatherings strictly at any place. Messages, posters, signs of social distancing shall be displayed at every workplace.

– Any staff with cough, flu, body ache or shortness of breath and elderly people of 50-year-old and above with underlying disease like diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases, the allergic, asthmatic and immune-compromised state shall be advised to perform their duties from home.

– All departments and offices were declared no-smoking zones, and all employees were advised to not smoke.

– Public shall not be allowed to visit departments, offices during Covid-19 emergency. Online Complaint Portal for registering complaints shall be widely publicised for the facilitation of the general public.

– All employees are to be screened for Covid-19 symptoms before they begin their duties. Some staff shall be assigned home-based work through telecommunication.

– Every department shall install a health desk in its office, right at the entry point, to instil health awareness in them, as well as for screening and awareness regarding Covid-19.

– The administrative head of the departments, offices shall ensure this aspect personally by emailing the list of such employees at sindh.covid19@gmail.com after specifying their names, designations, age and contact numbers.

The government notification warned officers and individuals of action, in accordance with law, if they are found in violation of the stated SOPs.