Now is not the time to take off your masks: SAPM Faisal Sultan warns masses

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Faisal Sultan has said that the coronavirus is still present in Pakistan, warning masses that now is not the time to take off masks.

Speaking at a ceremony, Dr Sultan added that the outbreak of the virus can be reduced if people vaccinate and maintain social distancing. 

Updating on the status of vaccinations, Dr Sultan informed that almost 20 million people have been vaccinated against the infection in Pakistan. 

He, however, warned that only abiding by the SOPs will keep the fourth COVID-19 wave under control. 

Sultan further talked about vaccinations and stated that vaccines only prevent side effects of the disease, adding that people should continue to wear masks.

Further, to encourage people to wear face masks, the World Health Organisation (WHO), in collaboration with district health authorities of Islamabad, is launching a campaign titled ‘Wear a Mask – Protect Pakistan’. 

WHO’s representative in Pakistan, Doctor Palitha Mahipala, addressed the campaign and remarked that the vaccination campaign in Pakistan is going well. 

Mahipala added that the goal of the WHO’s campaign is to make use of masks mandatory and in the coming days, the health organisation will launch a campaign distributing masks at railway stations, bus stops, and other public places. 

The WHO representative remarked that the the outbreak of coronavirus can be easily controlled in Pakistan.