Nudrat Piracha – the first Pakistani woman to hold Doctorate of Juridical Science degree

Dr Nudrat E. Piracha has become the first Pakistani woman to hold Doctorate of Juridical Science – one of the most prestigious law degree in the world.

Also known as SJD, the degree is considered to be the most advanced degree in law, and equivalent to a research doctorate and is awarded in United States to individuals with significant and acclaimed academic and professional experience and performance.

Dr Nudrat E. Piracha is a graduate of prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science, and has a strong family history of serving in Pakistan’s civil service as her father and two sisters have served in various government institutions/agencies.

In addition to it, she is also the first Pakistani woman to serve as a member of an Ad Hoc Committee of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, and the first Pakistani lawyer to become a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in the UK.

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According to Ms Nudrat, she was inspired by the monumental role played by various lawyers across the globe and she learned to appreciate the interconnectivity and relevancy of law with other fields and sectors.

Expressing her views on opportunities for women in Pakistan she stated that female lawyers are stereotyped in Pakistan regarding their ability to handle certain cases and are often undermined and underrated regarding their capabilities and capacity.

Furthermore, Dr Piracha highlighted the lack of awareness and knowledge regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice in Pakistan which essentially deals with the resolving of legal disputes outside formal adjudication and involves third parties.

Meanwhile, stating her future ambitions, she said that she intends to set up a ADR practice and organize trainings across the country to introduce more professionals to the field with special focus on encouraging women to test their mettle and  showcase their capabilities in the field of ADR.