OGRA recommends fuel price hike up to Rs 11.95 per liter

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has recommended fuel price hike of up to Rs 11.95 per liter.

In its summary sent to petroleum division, OGRA has recommended a petroleum price hike of up to Rs 11.95 per liter from January 16th.

OGRA has recommended petrol prices to be increased by Rs 11.95 per liter. An Rs 9.57 per liter increase has been recommended by the regulatory authority for High speed diesel.

Meanwhile, Rs 8 per liter price hike has been recommended for light diesel and furnace oil.

The final decision regarding fuel price hikes will be made by Prime Minister Imran Khan

According to OGRA officials, the government can ensure minimum price increase by reducing petroleum levy.

In case OGRA’s recommendations are approved, petrol and diesel will be sold at Rs 117.95 and Rs 119.81 per liter respectively from January 15th.