Old Parents & Senior Citizen Act Passed by Senate

The Senate of Pakistan has passed the Maintenance and Welfare of Old Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2020, here on Monday.

According to the details, the Senate has passed the Old Parents & Senior Citizen Act Passed for assuring the well-being of the senior citizens in Pakistan.

The bill was presented by Senator Rana Maqbool and it stated that a welfare commission for senior citizens will be established within six months.

Old Parents & Senior Citizen commission will design a comprehensive policy for the social, physical and psychological well-being of senior citizens.

The commission will be constituted on three senators and three members of the national assembly, aged over sixty, a minister and a secretary will also a part of the commission.

The act stated that a special fund will be allocated for senior citizens and a special card will be issued to them to avail the facilities, the federal government will construct old homes for the elders, provide them free entry in Libraries, parks and in the museums.

Exclusive counters will be established for elders in hospitals, banks and other public places as well.

Children and close relatives will be responsible for the monthly expenses of senior citizens and children adopting slanderous attitude with parents can be punished under the law.

Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmad said on the occasion that the well-being of seniors citizens is on stake due to the decline of the family system.

Our religion abides us to respect our parents and look after them, once they get older. He also said that the well-being of common people should be the priority of every parliamentarian.

The well-being of senior citizens and guaranteeing their rights is a state responsibility and we will ensure it at any cost. Senior citizens will be provided with legal shelters to safeguard their rights.