One application – taking hundreds of lives – Tiktok obsession caused another death in Pakistan

Tiktok is being the reason behind several deaths in Pakistan, a tenth-grade student accidentally shot himself – during the act of his character in TikTok video, declared by police on Friday.

They confirmed that the melancholic event has occurred in Bagan, a neighborhood of Abbottabad – where the boy was recording the video, using a pistol. He has accidentally clutched the trigger and devastatingly injured himself to death.

 His body was shifted to the adjacent hospital, for medical procedure.

It’s not the first gut wrenching case in Pakistan. There were several despondent accidents happened before – of people going all crazy over the (15 second video making application) for having fun, attempting several dangerous steps – which has been taken their precious lives.

Lately, an eighteen-year boy in Narowal strayed his life – just making a video for the application.

The teenager drowned in a hollow canal during the videography at the lethal application. The lamented has recognized as Husnain. He headed towards canal, along with his three friends – all for shooting videos. While he slipped and dropped into the canal.

On June 21st a teenage boy in Karachi has also had badly shot himself, just for the crazy passion for making tiktok videos. A dangerous application like tiktok should be banned in Pakistan, after several agonizing circumstances.