One of the suspects in Motorway Rape Case surrenders before police, denies any wrongdoing

One of the suspects in Motorway Rape Case surrendered before the police denying any wrongdoing, on Sunday.

The suspect named Waqarul Hassan, surrendered himself today at the Model Town police station, claiming his innocence and that the cellphone number traced by law enforcement agencies was in fact his name but was being used by his brother-in-law named Abbas.

The development comes as earlier, Punjab government had declared Waqarul Hassan and Abid Ali the prime suspects in Motorway Rape Case incident.

Abid Ali – the prime fugitive in the case, is still at large along with his purported accomplice Abbas.

According to Waqarul Hassan, his brother-in-law Abbas has been involved carious criminal activities with Abid Ali and is still in contact with him.

Waqarul Hassan has been moved to an unknown location for further investigations, meanwhile DNA sample has also been taken from the accused for further verification.

Motorway Rape Case Incident

The victim – a mother of two and whose identify has not yet been disclosed, was travelling with her children on Sialkot-Lahore motorway along with her two children when her car ran out of fuel at the Gujjarpura section at around 1:30am on Tuesday night.

She had duly informed and shared her location with a relative and even tried approaching  Motorway Police via their helpline, however she received no response from the latter.

Meanwhile, two robbers approached the car, broke the window and then raped the victim repeatedly in front of her children.

The robbers also took Rs 100,000 in cash, a bracelet, car registration and three ATM cards with them.