Orange Train Project to be launched soon: says Asim Saleem Bajwa

Asim Saleem Bajwa – Chairman China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Authority on Saturday, announced that Orange Line Train Project will soon be launched and made operational in Lahore.

According to Chairman CPEC Authority, various hurdles and issues regarding the launch of Orange Line Train Project in Lahore have been duly addressed and trials are underway.

“On our way to launch the project soon; teething issues resolved, fare decided, trial runs underway, O&M award given, hiring in progress,” he tweeted.

Orange Line Train Project Lahore

Orange Line Train Project is an automated rapid transit system in Lahore the first of the three proposed rail lines proposed for the Lahore Metro. The project spans across 27.1 kilometers with 25.4 Kilometers of elevated, and 1.72 kilometers of underground track. It is expected to have 26 stations, handling 250,000 passengers daily.

The project was initiated with a signed in May 2014, whereas the financing for the project was secured in December 2015 when China’s Exim Bank agreed to provide a soft loan of US$1.55 billion for the project.

Construction works on the project began in October 2015, meanwhile testing and trial runs began in March 2018.