Out of Physical, into Mental Slavery

The word “slave” elucidate many skeletons in the cupboard divulging the primaeval era of slavery, initiated in Ancient Greece between the 4th and 6th centuries. In Athens, a third to a half of the population consisted of slaves. Rome had a dependency on slavery. Arab wasn’t not behind the tradition at the early stage of Ancient history. Slaves & their families were the property of their lords, who could sell or rent them out at any time. Slaves were often whipped, cruelly mistreated and could get killed by their owners for any reason. That was the worst time of humanity. Nothing went in the favour of men who were slaves.

After centuries of transformation, when slavery is officially abolished by the constitution, now, we have modern slavery. This basically means the severe exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gain. Modern slavery is all around us but often out of sight, rather ignored. People in need can be entrapped making our clothes, serving our food, picking our crops, working in factories, working in houses. These modern slaves do not feel bad about it as well. They do not grumble even. This manifests the mindset which didn’t change since the ancient world of slavery.

Then we have another kind of slavery, technically getting very much popular these days. The ” political slavery “. Unlike many other forms of slavery, this form of slavery is quite hazardous for the specification of a slave. You would never be able to grasp when you have been confined and indulged in some erroneous actions by the manifestos or the statements of the political leaders you follow.  In the extreme first stage of Political Slavery, you get yourself involved in some political activities inspired by the charisma of your political leader. This is an allude that you cannot dissent on any policy, whether right or wrong, fair or unfair, of your leader. You have to cringe yourself to pursuit the order of your master.

Then comes the very next stage of being a Political Slave. You are into it doggedly, whatever is said or done by someone else. You follow the orders blindfolded as if you have no sense to ponder over.  Of course, all of those actions or words delivered by the Political Slave or the Political leader are not rational.  You as a political slave reacting irrationally and this makes you look folly. You try to defend what shall not be defended. You become such a homme who is trying to find a leeway out of reality. This stage cannot be aided because all such slaves are practically mature enough to combat for the right.

The last stage of any political slavery touches the extremity of fallacy which makes such a political slave go extreme to believe in disbelieve. You have no control on your life, in your decisions, in your steps taken. You are of the opinion that your political leader is beyond comparison. Those political slaves care less for the traditions, culture, religion somehow, blood relationships. This is the time when all must realize it’s over now. Such a staunch political slave does not care for the people and their emotions around. These ends at gruesome incidents where they do not even care if they lose their life for a leader who has no intentions to lose anything for the betterment of the country.

Whether you are a political worker or a political slave, means the same if comes to question extremity, try not to clampdown your senses, your ego, your self-esteem and your preference over something that doesn’t bring joy or peace to the nation as a whole. We as Pakistanis have to imbibe the law and the religion into our lives. Don’t be a gullible citizen, be a gallant one.