Pak, China signed an agreement of $1.5bn hydropower project

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that (CPEC) China Pakistan Economic Corridor will be a modification for Pakistan – would lead the way to extraordinary development and opulence to the country.

(CPEC) is a project which will lead Pakistan to the new heights of success. Prime Minister said this after witnessing the signed agreement with China Gezhouba in his meeting for Azad Pattan hydropower project at a ceremony conducted at PM house on Monday.

Dam would ease the expense of circular depth in our country when it will be finalized till 2026.

Pakistan can learn the advancement made by emerging economic power, china – during the last thirty days. Mr. Imran Khan said that he was delighted to have made the hydropower project agreement with (CPEC) which would be a major achievement for the country, in the days ahead.

Preliminary, the (CPEC) was restricted to road connectivity, but lately other aspects of the corridor spread out. Said by him.

The project is located at the River Jhelum and expected to get settled till 2026.