Pak vs NZ: Ramiz Raja ‘extremely unhappy’ over DRS mishap

KARACHI: The newly elected chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ramiz Raja is reportedly angry over the board’s failure to acquire the Decision Review System (DRS) for the New Zealand series. 

The PCB will now have to suffer financial losses due to the DRS’s non-availability during the highly-anticipated series between both countries. 

The PCB had announced last week that the upcoming series would not feature the DRS as the ICC-approved operators were not available during the Pakistan-New Zealand series.

Per details, the PCB’s Commercial Department was responsible for signing the contract with the crew but arrangements were not made in time, leaving the board red-faced.

The PCB chairman is “extremely unhappy” over the mismanagement due to which the production quality has been compromised and the board has to bear financial losses for the mishap. 

It is, however, difficult to estimate the loss yet.

The DRS and ball tracking systems are an integral part of cricket production in recent times. Sources said some PCB officials took the matter lightly and contacted the DRS company late. 

Meanwhile, most companies had signed contracts in the IPL while some wanted to get out of the coronavirus bubble and rest, hence they turned down the demand to operate the system for the Pakistan-New Zealand series. 

Learning from their mistakes, the Pakistan cricket authorities have signed an agreement with the DRS operators for the England series in advance.