Pakistan – A Haven For Religious Minorities: Report

Pakistan has been termed as a ‘safe haven’ for religious minorities with people belonging from various faiths and having varying beliefs being able to live in peace and harmony.

In its report, Kashmir Media Service (KMS) has termed Pakistan as a country where religious minorities are free to exercise their religion and faith without any restriction or fear.

In Pakistan religious minorities do not face any discrimination. People belonging from different faiths such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism etc. are able to live together peacefully, said the report.

Furthermore, the report also accentuated the fact that Pakistani constitution protects the basic rights of every individual without discrimination of any religion and that country’s founding fathers especially Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah envisioned religious pluralism in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the report also underlined that non-state actors sponsored and supported by foreign elements are involved in undermining religious tolerance and harmony in Pakistan. Such fringe elements, with support from Pakistan’s enemies are trying to instigate sectarian divide and religious violence in the country.

However, government of Pakistan has successfully tackled such miscreants via stern measures and policies that promote and ensure religious harmony and tolerance.

The report also highlighted that Kartarpur Corridor initiative by Pakistan is a notable example of country’s efforts aimed at facilitating religious minorities.

UN Chief Antonio Guterres, has also lauded interfaith harmony in Pakistan during his visit to the country in February 2020, added the report.

In contrast, India under PM Narendra Modi has adapted Hindutva ideology which has led to exponential increase in hate crimes against religious minorities, especially Muslims.

Hindutva ideology believes in Hindu supremacy against other religious minorities who have been left at the mercy of right-wing Hindu supremacists as validated by various watchdogs and humanitarian organizations.

Ever since Modi’s ascension to power, crimes against religious minorities have seen an upward trend in India. Attacks by Hindu mobs against Muslims, Christians and followers of other faiths have become a routine affair in India, the report contended.