Pakistan, China, Afghanistan agreed on a regional peace plan, combating terrorism

Pakistan, China and Afghanistan have agreed to strengthen counter-terrorism and security cooperation to combat terrorist forces posing threats to their common security.

According to Radio Pakistan, this cooperation was agreed during the third round of China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Strategic Dialogue held via video-link.

In a joint statement shared by the Foreign Office, the three countries urged for an orderly, responsible and condition-based withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan to avoid potential terrorist resurgence.

The three sides also agreed that the return of Afghan refugees should be part of peace and reconciliation process and underlined the role of international community for a time-bound and well-resourced roadmap for the return of Afghan refugees to their homeland with dignity and honour.

Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed to further strengthen dialogue and work for continuous improvement of bilateral relations.

The statement said China will continue to play a constructive role in improving Afghanistan-Pakistan relations.

They reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening communication and coordination and enhancing mutual trust and cooperation under the trilateral cooperation mechanism.