Pakistan-China sign MOUs concerning COVID-19: President Alvi

ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi has tweeted that his recent trip to China is beneficial amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in showing support tof the neighbor and dismissing propaganda.

Alvi called his visit a unique experience where matter concerning coronavirus outbreak were discussed to fight the health crisis through technical support. He said that during six hours of exhaustive meeting, various MOUs were signed between the two countries using the #iFightCorona.

The president has said that strict health check was ensured for the dignitaries on their arrival in and their departure from China.

In his tweet he elaborated: “We implemented #iFightCorona protocols for our hi-level meetings. Both delegations, Presidents, Ministers, all staff, + of flight & embassy, underwent 2 tests (throat swab + blood) to ensure health before we met. Result of last tests taken before departure for home were clean too.”

In another tweet, he has said the various MOUs were signed between the two countries with special emphasis on healthcare. In the same tweet, he added that the trip was also effective in countering propaganda regarding the China and COVID-19’simpacts on its population and showing solidarity with the neighbour.

The tweet reads: “China trip was very beneficial to show support & counter propaganda. We also need to get technical help from them for biggest health crisis Pakistan is going to face. Their experience is unique. Six hours of exhaustive meetings took place. Signed many MOUs for #iFightCorona.”