Pakistan declared ‘most improved’ country in nuclear security

The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) – a US based non-proliferation watchdog, has termed Pakistan as the ‘most improved’ country in nuclear security.

The 2020 NTI Index showcases the nuclear safety of countries i.e. their ability to ensure the secure use and safety of nuclear materials with, their improvements and their failures, and various parameters such as on-site safety measures, cybersecurity and others.

According to the 2020 NTI statistics, Pakistan has emerged as the most improved country in nuclear assets security which include on-site physical protection and cybersecurity regulations, improving insider threat protection measures and several other variables.

Pakistan gained 25 points in Security and Control Measures, and gained one point in Global Norms category of the NTI Index.

Meanwhile Australia has been ranked first on the list, followed by Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden.

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Prior to this, Pakistan gained eight points in Security and Control Measures back in 2014, two points in 2016 and six points in 2018.

The development comes as Pakistan approved and implemented improved cybersecurity regulations in 2016, followed by significant improvement in insider threat protection directives in 2018.