Pakistan called the international community to take notice of India’s state-sponsored terrorism

Pakistan called upon the international community once again that it must take immediate notice of India’s use of state-terrorism to destabilize its neighbouring countries.

Spokesperson of the foreign office of Pakistan said in a press release referring to terrorist attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange said that the externally-supported cowardly attack was another manifestation of the state-sponsored terrorism being perpetrated against Pakistan, ‘which is highly condemnable’.

 “The comments made by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) about the Karachi attack represent nothing but obfuscation and denial. India’s sophistry, however, cannot hide India’s complicity in acts of terrorism against Pakistan,” the spokesperson added.

Yesterday, the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan Monday successfully foiled a terrorist attack targeting Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi. All the four terrorists involved in the attempted attack were killed in the encounter. Four of the valiant law enforcement personnel embraced martyrdom.

 “Pakistan has been consistently sensitizing the international community about the Indian leadership’s threatening statements to use terrorism as a tool to destabilize Pakistan,” the press release added.