Pakistan to get US$ 21 million from United States in COVID-19 aid

Pakistan is to get US$ 21 million in COVID-19 aid from United States to bolster the country’s economy amid virus pandemic.

Pakistan’s ambassador to United States – Asad Majeed Khan, on Wednesday, announced that United States government will provide US$ 21 million to Pakistan to ease the burden on the country’s economy which has been severely affected due to coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Jill Malandrino – NASDAQ’s Trade Talks host, Asad Majeed Khan stated that Pakistan is among the ten countries identified by the US government for its COVID-19 financial aid and support initiative.

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Asad Majeed Khan also stated that Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan has led the narrative for debt relief and financial assistance program for developing countries amid virus pandemic which has had severe economic repercussions across the world.

Expressing his views on the US-Pak cooperation, Mr Khan revealed that Pakistan is one of those countries that have benefited the most from US financial aid to its allies amid virus crisis.

Furthermore, the envoy also revealed that RFF provided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) resulted in the availability of US$ 1.4 billion to Pakistan, which was followed by another US$ 1.8 billion as part of the G20 debt deferment plan.

It is to be noted that earlier, Pakistan was also included in the group of countries that will be entitled to debt relief as part of the G-20 debt relief deal.