Pakistan to ‘partially’ open its airspace for international flight operations from Sunday: PM Imran Khan

Pakistan is set to partially open its airspace for international flight operations from tomorrow (Sunday), says Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Saturday, took to social media to announce federal government’s decision to ‘partially’ resume international flight operations of the country.

“Tomorrow we will partially open airspace for international flights,” he tweeted.

Furthermore, Prime Minister stated that the decision to open Pakistan’s airspace for international flight operations has been made to facilitate overseas Pakistanis and allow their repatriation as they have been left stranded in various countries across the world due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

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In addition to it, PM Imran Khan highlighted that overseas Pakistanis  have suffered the most due to economic repercussions of coronavirus pandemic, he also reaffirmed and reiterated government’s commitment to facilitate and help overseas Pakistanis in every way.

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