Pakistani Virtuoso Shezan claimed Indian film Sadak 2 duped his song

Pakistani musician and the son of well-known singer Saleem Javaid – Shezan Saleem JO-G declared that his creation has been copied by producers of Indian music industry, for their nearing Bollywood film Sadak 2.

Shezan came by digital media platforms and uploaded a video, declaring about his music being professed in the Indian song “Ishq Kamal” the music which was composed in the trailer of the movie – sounds indistinguishable to his song “Rabba Ho” that was liberated in 2011.

“Alleged from a song that I have produced in Pakistan – and inaugurated in 2011, What do we do about this”? Let’s discuss.

After I came to heard the song “Ishq Kamal”, I realized that it was the same composition I have produced for a friend, past eleven years.

Zaid Khan is the friend’s name. I sense the reason behind the duplication – the composition and the melody are very much interchangeable. He further declared.