Pakistan’s Spirit of Giving: Social Media and Its’ Supporting Role

By: Wajeeha Zameer

Pakistani nation is one of the most charitable nations in the world

For a nation notoriously known for breaking laws, there is one law that Pakistanis maintain rather they implement and follow as notoriously as they break the signal. The law is known as the Law of Generosity. Pakistanis are the most charitable nation in the world, known for their charitable nature, as the word of lockdown, social distancing and self – isolation are making themselves popular, remarkable scenes are unfolding outside superstores and markets.

This might just be the only nation that is buying not for itself but for the under privileged residents as well. Social media today is playing a prominent and extremely positive role in the campaign to provide rations to daily wagers. A daily wager is a person mostly in the labor force of country who earns on a day to day basis and whose livelihood is likely to reach to a level zero in such extreme times. As soon as the word of a confirmed lockdown occurred, the social media army of

Pakistan mobilized raising slogans in forms of hashtags such #weareinthistogether #noPakistanileftbehind and more, the concern on many social media groups was to ensure that no Pakistani was left hungry and that mostly among the concerned were those who didn’t want any labor force, unemployed person and their families to go hungry. Among these warriors, prominently included Facebook groups like Shaad Abaad

Pakistan led by Shahmeen Islam, though she herself resides far from her homeland, her heart beats for Pakistan and Pakistanis, her untiring efforts and her group Shaad Abaad Pakistan, she mobilized her donor base and then through official (including elected members of Parliament) and through unofficial (people she trusts and knows) sources, she succeeded in ensuring that thousands of families do not go hungry during this pandemic.

This single group was able to cater to areas in Karachi, Lahore, and a major part of Haripur. Other groups included Life and Reviews Pakistan, efforts by individuals like Syed Fahad Ali, founder of Aaghaz School a charitable school which is right now supporting multiple families through their charity drives. Our youth has also come out and is supporting families on individual basis. A nation that is able to come together while remaining distant in such crucial times is indeed a nation that cannot be broken and will not go down. The economy may suffer but we are hopefully that the nation will pull through.

There are multiple lessons to be learned from these times but what matters is how reflective a nation we become. What needs to be learned the most is that this nation can use social media to its favor and that this is the power that needs to harnessed and nurtured. Let’s learn that technology and media, especially social media can be used positively, the only thing is that we need to educate our people to utilize this powerful weapon positively as they have been during this pandemic.