PALPA to contest ‘fake licenses’ list submitted in SC

The Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association (PALPA) has decided to challenge the ‘fake licenses’ list of pilots submitted in the Supreme Court (SC) by the federal government.

The pilots’ union has rejected the list submitted in the Supreme Court by the federal government enumerating the names of pilots with probably fake credentials.

PALPA has raised its concerns over the authenticity and accuracy of the government figures and statistics regarding the issue of dubious credentials, stating that out of the 141 pilots, according to government claims, hold dubious credentials and belong to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) – 39 pilots have already left the national carrier whereas four have lost their lives in various incidents.

PALPA President – Captain Chaudhry Salman Riaz stated, “We have consulted with the senior lawyers and will challenge the list in the Supreme Court soon”

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In addition to it, Captain Salman Riaz also highlighted that the 29 other names on the list are also inauthentic.

Meanwhile, Captain Imran Norajo – Secretary General PALPA has cited that out of the 262 pilots mentioned in the government list, 171 belong to PIA, Shaheen Air, Air Blue and Serene Air, whereas the details regarding the remaining 91 pilots are still unknown.

The development comes as Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan, on Wednesday, said that 262 pilots, out of total 860 in the country have fake degrees and licenses and often use proxies in examination process..