Petrol, diesel quality to be shifted to EURO 5

The federal government has decided to shift petrol and diesel from EURO 2 to higher-quality EURO 5 on Tuesday.

The historical decision was taken in the federal cabinet meeting held today under the chair of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PM Imran Khan approved the plan to make a shift to the higher-quality fuel standards in Pakistan.

PM’s Adviser on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said that the premier had promised to increase the quality of petrol and it has been fulfilled. He added that petrol will be shifted to EURO 5 from August, whereas, diesel’s standard will be shifted from January 2021.

Aslam said that 70 per cent petrol and 40 per cent diesel are being imported and Pakistan will become the first country to shift fuel standards from EURO 2 to EURO 5. He added that only EURO 5 fuel will be available in the smog-hit areas.