PIA sacks 28 pilots over fake licenses issue

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), on Tuesday, sacked 28 of its pilots over fake licenses issue.

The national carrier had sacked a total of 60 pilots over various issues including poor performance, unpunctual behavior and fake licenses.

According to PIA, 28 pilots have been fired over fake licenses issue, meanwhile 27 pilots have been sacked over the issue of non-punctual behavior.

Another five pilots have also been sacked over dubious credentials, whereas two employees have been fired over corruption charges.

In addition to it, 13 pilots have been lauded for their performance, of which two have been promoted as well.

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The development comes as the national carrier has been under spotlight after the deadly PK-8303 crash, followed by the ‘fake licenses’ scandal that saw PIA being banned in several countries.

Prior to this PIA had temporarily grounded 150 of its pilots over dubious credentials concerns back in June 2020.

The airline had also fired assistant manager flight services Khalid Jadoon for having a fake BA degree on July 2.