PK-8303 crash: PIA aircraft engine recovered from the crash site

The engine of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-8303 has been recovered from the crash site after 18 days when PIA’s Airbus A-320 crashed in Model Colony area on May 22.

PIA, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) officials on Wednesday, finally succeeded in recovering one of the engines of the crashed plane that killed 97 people on board with an additional casualty on ground.

Experts had successfully recovered plane parts from the residential area, however they had failed to pull out the aircraft’s engine due to the complications of it being located at one of the roof of the houses damaged in the crash.

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Authorities had to refurbish and strengthen the two-storey building before pulling out the engine as the residential complex had suffered significant damage due to the plane crash.

It is to be noted that the federal government had earlier announced to bear the expenses of the damage caused to residential plots and cars due to the crash.