Playing with the fire – only escape way for Modi led Indian government?

It is quite interesting to see if not surprising, to say the least, that India on all fronts especially on the regional account is facing the isolation and dejection. According to various reports, Narendra Modi’s regime in quiet desperation is trying to find out any possible face-saving opportunity to divert attention from the economic mess, falling GDP to alarming level.

That face-saving opportunity would be to ignite the fire in the region to fulfil the Hindutwa ideology inspired by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) through the use of propaganda machinery which the Indian media is best known for.

Recently, I was amazed at the hilarious attempt by a section of Indian media presenting the locust attack which has affected both the countries and is a natural phenomenon but for the Indian authorities, it was as per the directions of Islamabad, which eventually calls out to the world to realize that how low can India stoop to distort the facts when it comes to the occupied Kashmir.

India always alleged Pakistan in sponsoring terror. However, no substantial pieces of evidence have been presented by the New-Delhi regime in supporting false-fledged claims just like the false-fledged operations to tell the Indian electorates that Modi is fully operational against Pakistan as per his elections’ promise. Recent standoff with Chinese forces at Ladakh (Situated at the Line of Actual Control) brought agony and added more dis-repute to the Indian Prime Minister.

Director-General of Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) — Major General Babar Iftikhar warned the Indian government of unintended consequences if India does not stop unprovoked Line of Control (LOC) violations, once again to distract the international community from the human right violations in occupied and now annexed Jammu–Kashmir. 

Imagine a 10-month lockdown in Kashmir following the scraping of the article–370– snatching the autonomous right of the people of Kashmir– a mere disregard of the United Nations resolutions calling out the New-Delhi to hold plebiscite according to the wishes of people of Kashmir.

There are several sounds and rational voices in India which can play a crucial part in making the fascist Modi realize that the conduct he has chosen will not bring peace and harmony in the region.

More than two billion lives are at the stake just because Modi is pursuing the agenda of his tiny-ego ignoring the repercussions it would have across South Asia. But, if he fails to understand and go along with his perverted ideology then let me be clear to state it once again that it will be imminent to hear that “the tea was fantastic.”