PM Imran excluded communal cricket series with India under Modi govt

Prime Minister Imran Khan precluded a communal series between Pakistan and India declaring that there will be a “terrible atmosphere” at the playing area, although Modi government is in vigour in India.

During communication with the former English batsman Michael Atherton in an interview for the Sky Sports “Out of exile” cricket documentary sequence, PM Imran discussed about the odds of an India Pakistan match occurrence in future.

“You are aware Mike [Michael] I played two series in India. The first one was in 1971 when both of the governments demanding to get closer, and I cannot describe the amazing environment on the cricket grounds”. He told.

He further claimed that the next time he went for the play in 1987, when the tension was running between the two countries.

The pre-eminent claimed that in 2005 when India visited Pakistan for the match, there was a friendly environment, hustle and bustle everywhere on a good note and Pakistan mass welcomed Indians with open arms.

Lately, in these terms, playing cricket matches with the Indians is not a good idea. He further declared.