PM Imran held India responsible for a foiled terror attack on PSX

Prime minister Imran Khan blames India responsible for a foiled terror attack on Pakistan’s stock exchange, here on Tuesday

According to the details, the premiere was addressing the parliament and he also slams opposition in speech during which he also pledges to reform loss-making institutions.

He said Pakistan has “no doubt” that India is responsible for a foiled attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi.

“What happened in Mumbai, they wanted to do the same [in Karachi]; they wanted to spread uncertainty. We have no doubt this was done by India,” he said.

During his speech, he lauded the actions of a police sub-inspector and three security guards who were killed in the assault as “heroes of Pakistan.”

The prime minister said the “sacrifices” of the four had thwarted a major incident. “My cabinet and its ministers know that all our agencies were on high alert.

Our agencies preempted at least four major attempts of terrorism and two of them were around Islamabad,” he claimed, adding that the security forces’ defeat of the militants was a “huge win.”

The Prime Minister also criticizes opposition for creating hurdles for the government in COVID like scenario. He said, “I am not going anywhere, I will complete my term.”