PM Imran Khan approves establishment of ‘Civil Drone Authority’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the establishment of the Civil Drone Authority in order to use the technology for commercial, research, agricultural, and other peaceful purposes.

PM Imran Khan approved the establishment of the Civil Drone Authority while chairing a high-level meeting in Islamabad today.

The Civil Drone Authority will be mandated to regulate and control unmanned aircraft systems in the country, as well as decide matters relating to licensing, import, manufacturing, examination, and issuance of drone permits.

Prime Minister Khan said that it is the need of the house to employ drone technology for commercial, research and development, agricultural, and other peaceful purposes. He highlighted that effective use of drone technology in various sectors will help in resource optimisation and better service delivery.

Imran Khan observed that the authority will be instrumental in the promotion and domestic production of the critical technology besides filling the existing vacuum due to the non-availability of law to regulate the important sector.

He directed relevant authorities to prioritise completion of the legislation for the establishment of Civil Drone Authority and till will be introduced after its approval by the federal cabinet.

The federal government aims to devise an institutionalised mechanism for the development and regulation of the drone sector in Pakistan.