PM Imran Khan directs interior ministry to speed up the work on anti-torture bill

Prime Minister Imran khan has directed Interior Ministry to speed up its efforts in formulating and presenting ‘anti-torture’ bill in the lower house of the parliament.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday to reveal that he has directed Interior Ministry to speed up the work for tabling anti-torture bill in the National Assembly (NA).

The premier highlighted that torture is unacceptable and cannot be allowed in a civilized society and is in fact the principles of Islam.

“Torture is unacceptable in a civilized democratic society & goes against the spirit of Islam, our constitution and our international legal commitments,” he tweeted.

The development comes as earlier Ministry of Human Rights back in January this year, had announced that it will be tabling an anti-torture bill to counter the culture and tradition of torture practiced by police and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs).

Dr Shireen Mazari – Federal Minister for Human Rights, had then stressed upon the need for key policy reforms to depoliticize the police and to tackle its draconian torture practices, making it more citizen-friendly and courteous.

Mazari had highlighted the need to abolsih157-year-old colonial law of 1861, replacing it with policies and laws with par to the modern social, moral and cultural principles and norms.