PM Imran Khan lauds FBR for record tax collection

PM Imran Khan has lauded Federal BBoardof Revenue’s (FBR) performance for achieving record tax collection for the month of July.

PM Imran Khan took to social media to praise FBR’s tax collection of RS 410 billion for the month of July. The prime minister accentuated that this is the ‘highest ever tax collection in the month of July’.

The RS 410 billion tax collection approximately 22% higher than required target for this month, said PM Imran Khan.

The premier noted that the development is a reflection of government’s policies for sustained economic growth and revival.

The development comes as FBR had collected RS 301 billion in July 2020 last year; however, tax collection witnessed a significant increase reaching RS 410 billion in July 2021 this year.

The FBR has predicted tax collection target of RS 5,829 billion for the current fiscal year and so far, the tax machinery kick-started its performance by collecting RS 410bn against its desired target of RS 342 billion for July 2021.