PM Imran lauds continued increase in remittances reaching US$ 2.3 billion

Prime Minister Imran Khan lauds continued increase in remittances from overseas Pakistanis reaching US$ 2.3 billion in September 2020 last month.

PM Imran Khan took to social media to highlight continuous increase in flow of remittances from Pakistani expatriates, despite COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite Covid more good news for our economy. Alhamdulillah, remittances from our hardworking overseas Pakistanis rose to $2.3 billion in September 2020, 31 per cent higher than last September and 9 per cent higher than August 2020, he tweeted.

This marks the 4th consecutive month that remittances have remained above $2 billion, he added.

As per details, the highest remittances came from Saudi Arabia in July 2020 amounting to US$ 821.55 million.

Pakistan received $227.57 million in remittances from the European countries in September 2020, and included Germany – $35.34 million, France – $32.99 million, Netherlands $4.5 – million, Spain – $38.9 million, Italy – $49.46 million, Greece – $20.01 million, Sweden – $4.85 million, Denmark – $6 million, Ireland – $12.25 million and Belgium – $23,27 million.