PM launches ‘Protected Area Initiative’ in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched ‘Protected Area Initiative’ and also announced the establishment more parks in all the federating units as part of efforts to protect the nature.

According to the Radio Pakistan, launching ceremony of the ‘Protected Area Initiative’ was held in Islamabad on Thursday. Addressing to the ceremony, the Prime Minister said guidelines will be given to the provinces to preserve these national parks. He said this is a major initiative for our future generations.

During his speech, he expressed gratification that all the provinces are contributing in this initiative which will also provide job opportunities to the youth.

The Prime Minister pointed out that global warming and climate change pose serious threat to Pakistan.

He said this is the reason we launched ten billion tree tsunami program to counter this threat. Protecting green areas and parks will also help in this endeavour.

Imran Khan directed the provinces to take the threat seriously and undertake the requisite steps for the protection of green areas.