Police chase court’s permission for disinterment of victim’s body – who was brutally stoned to death at Jamshoro

The senior super intendent (SSP) of police Jamshoro has write down a letter to District and session Judge’s – asking for their call to disinter the dead body of the murdered woman, who was brutally stoned and killed to death.

He stated in his letter that as declared in woman’s medical autopsy report – she was expecting and sexually abused. He asked Judge to permit consent for disinter the body for DNA samples, to discover the certitude.

He further asked for a judicial provost to be superintend the disinterment procedure.

The police officer also requests generation of a medical board, to examine woman’s body after the disinterment.

A dissection report on the body of the departed had previously determined that she was horribly being tortured – that she couldn’t make to life. Accordance to the proceedings, the alleged stoning sufferer had a fractured skull including the area of her neck, facial bones shattered, which has dangerously damaged her brain.

Moreover, there were other deep bruises on her entire body, as mentioned in her autopsy – which was taken after 12 hours of her death – which has been presumed that her head injuries were all the reason behind her death.

According to the police, on June 27th, the motorway police has discovered a disfigured body of an unrecognized woman – with severe head injuries at the Indus highway, in the premises of Police station chachaar.

The motorway police handed over the matter to the Police Station Chachaar, where the departed was recognized as Wazira Chachaar, am inhabitant of the adjacent village – Wadda Chachaar.