Police more vulnerable to COVID-19, says IG Sindh

Karachi: On Monday, Sindh police chief has expressed concerns that police and law enforcement personnel are more likely to contract coronavirus as they deal with the public amidst the lockdown.

In a statement, IGP Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar expressed that, “The police personnel are critically exposed to COVID-19 owing to the nature of their duty.”

Therefore, he has issued an order to form teams comprising 10 police personnel for each district.The personnel shall ensure better coordination and facilitate each other in case of an emergency.

The IGP told that the police has been on the frontlines in the war against the pandemic and hence there are more chances for the police to contract the virus.

He also urged the police to follow all the precautionary measures in order to protect themselves against the virus.

Reportedly, the Central Police Office shall provide the protective gear to the police personnel deployed to deal with the public amidst the coronavirus outbreak and facilitate them with timely medical examinations.

Any staff shall be subjected to quarantine in the nearest isolation in case the virus attacks them.

In such cases, Senior Superintendent Police will be responsible to inform the families of the suspected and confirmed cases, while the welfare department of the CPO would compile the data and ensure rehabilitation.