President AJK condemns Indian government’s actions against Amnesty International

President Azad Jammu and Kashmir – Sardar Masood Khan has strongly condemned Indian government’s actions against Amnesty International, India.

In a statement, AJK President Sardar Masood Khan reprimanded Indian government’s decision to freeze the bank accounts of Amnesty International, India and essentially forcing the watchdog to temporarily halt its operations in the country.

Khan contended that India’s Hindu fanatic regime is targeting the Amnesty International, a global human rights watchdog, because the organization is always voiced against the worst human rights violations being committed by the Indian Army and the police particularly in occupied Kashmir.  

Despite occupation of Kashmir for the last 70 years, India failed to win hearts and minds of the Kashmiri people and to integrate them into Indian society because its invasion of the state and the policy to suppress the Kashmiri people were unnatural, he said.

The premier also questioned that why Amnesty International is being targeted if Indian government is innocent and hasn’t committed any crime as being argued by the state authorities.

It is pertinent to know that Amnesty International – an international human rights watchdog has been forced to temporarily close its operations in India after the Indian government froze the organization’s bank accounts after it criticized blatant human rights violations in the country.