President Azad Kashmir warns of armed conflict between India and Pakistan

President Azad Kashmir – Masood Khan has warned of armed conflict between India and Pakistan amid heightened tensions in the region.

Expressing his views at a webinar organized by Lahore Centre for Peace and Research titled ‘Oppression of Kashmiris Under Indian Occupation’, President Masood Khan voiced his concerns regarding armed conflict between India and Pakistan.

 The webinar was also attended by Mushaal Hussein Mullick – wife of Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik, PPP leader and Senator Sherry Rehman and Nazeer Hussain – Director Kashmir Council for Human Rights.

Azad Kashmir President Masood Khan highlighted that India will never be able to fulfil its nefarious agenda in Jammu and Kashmir as more and more people are being apprised and in-return raising their voice against blatant human rights violations in the disputed valley by Indian forces.

If there was a war anywhere in the world, it would be in the South Asian region, because Kashmir has become a nuclear flashpoint, he said.

Furthermore, he stressed upon the fact that people in India have too rejected Narendra Modi’s Hindutva policies.

Meanwhile, Mushaal Hussein Mullick urged international community to play its role in addressing the issue, and called for a ban on extremist and fascist Hindutva organizations such as RSS.

United Nations must send a delegation and conduct an independent and transparent inquiry into the extrajudicial killings of imprisoned Kashmiris, she added.