PUBG ban: losing a tournament is better than losing a life

When the news got viral, there came the panic too! Yes, from all over the Pakistani PUBG lovers mourning is still living on, in an overwhelming way.

The rationality behind the chaos is nothing else but the extreme addiction of the game. Especially the involvement of teenagers, youth and adults were all disorganizing the lifestyle which I have witnessed, personally.

As an intellectual, it’s my firm belief that the indulgence of anything or everything would lead to extreme chaos of loss. On the other side, moderation is the key to enter the peace of mind and maintenance of physical yet mental stability in life.  My opinion was and would always be against these sort of any games from which humans could lose their minds.

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A SUICIDE case, cases upon losing a digital game? What even? It’s not only painful but extremely a wrong gesture. There are much more things that are worth human’s recognition – for example gardening, writing, photography, reading, swimming, riding and a long list go on – and they should be considered more powerful but the youth is running on the wrong path.

Losing brain cells and eyesight and crying over a thing that isn’t worth it. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) twitted a PUBG banned post on twitter, after tolerating the negative insights of the game, for the longest while. PTA said in a twitter post, attached with a press release.

“The root cause of the ban of PUBG is certain reports of suicide from all over the complaints receive through media”

The gamers lose their minds on their specific tournaments and embraced death from the reason behind being dropped in a game is totally ridiculous and the action taken by Pakistani Government is utterly valid to resume the ban for the elimination of PUBG plague from the society is thoroughly justified.