PUBG mobile for starters – convenient tips to use flare gun beneficially

The most famed video game PUBG has numerous weapons obtainable in the game. Some of the most dangerous are completely present in airdrops.  For the purpose, PUBG mobile established the flare gun, in its past upgrade.

This shooting iron assist the gamers to drop an airdrop to their venue’s – when fired towards the sky. We consider the best tips for the beginners to use a flare gun productively, in the game.


#1 Firing the flare gun inside the zone: The most important step is how to use flare game in the safe territory. A gamer should always try to bombard it after getting under the secure area. If fire outside, the airdrop would rescue with BRDP vehicle. A BRDM vehicle is not of effective use in classic tournaments, but airdrop weapons like AWM and Groza, have much significance in several situations.

#2 Staying attentive for enemy gamers: The sequence from a fired flared gun could be catch sight of by players across the map. This indicates that nearby players, would try to thieve the airdrop by murdering the user. However, it is dictate to always stay acute – when firing a flare gun, so that the user who’s firing a flare gun can get hold to the weapon. Seekers can tell their collaborators to keep focus at enemy players and keep caution them – at the arrival of their enemy.

#3 Firing in open areas:  Countless times, gamer fire flare guns in open locations, without any cover, for their security. A seeker should always fire a flare gun in those areas, where they have sufficient cover for, when their opposite team try to attack them. They can move to compounds, or other buildings where they could have great hardback to cover themselves and shelter from their opponents.

#4 Airdrop suck on buildings: Some gamer do not give concentration to the concerned locations – where they fired the flare guns. And several times, the airdrop get plunge on top of the buildings and compounds. It intercepts users from getting their favorite drop weapons like, M249 or Groza. So players must constantly watch out for those areas, that they sense the airdrop might get stuck in. They should steer clear of those locations, and fire the gun from a preferable place.