Rahat Fateh Ali Khan all set to release his new masterpiece – Gham-e-Ashiqui

Renowned artist and globally acclaimed singer and qawwal Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is set to release his new song titled ‘Gham-e-Ashiqui’ on July 30th.

Composed by industry’s veteran and widely respected composer Kamran Akhtar with the vocals of the most famous and acclaimed qawwal Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Gham-e-Ashiqui’s teaser has already stirred up excitement and anticipation among fans around the world.

The song is actually the poetry of the late Parveen Shakir – one of the most famous Pakistani poets of the modern era, whose verse inspired Kamran Akhtar to approach Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for this joint venture.

The veteran duo expect this masterpiece to resonate with today’s audience who will be able to find substantial relevancy to the poetry as well as the music.

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“I believe that this song shall touch the hearts of the listeners and has the ability to grow on to listeners, bringing back nostalgia from younger days when they were hopelessly in love,” said Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Expressing his views on the project, producer Salman Ahmed highlighted his utmost belief in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, stressing this song to be released as single with the likes of ‘Zaroori tha’ which received global acclaim, praise and recognition.

“In these times of globe depression, the hope is to bring great music and soulful singing to everyone. Lift spirits and inspire people,” he noted.