Rai Tahir appointed as new IG Balochistan

Rai Tahir has been appointed as new Inspector General (IG) Police Balochistan on Friday (today).

Rai Tahir who was serving as AIG Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Punjab for the last six years, has been appointed as new IG Balochistan.

The decision to appoint Rai Tahir as new IG Balochistan was made during a high-level meeting in Islamabad. The newly appointed Rai Tahir will replace Mohsin Hassan Butt as IG Balochistan.

The appointment comes as Balochistan has experienced significant rise in terror incidents in recent times resulting in dozens of casualties, mostly military and paramilitary forces.

Serious security concerns were raised after Mach Incident in which 11 coal miners were killed after armed militants kidnapped them and took them to a nearby area before opening fire at close range.

The incident resulted in a severe public backlash as the victims belonged to the Hazara community which has been targeted by terrorist organizations on multiple occasions in the past.