Rihanna board her album on hold while she would invigorate her beauty corporation

Pop idol Rihanna has announced to keep a hold on her plans of the new album and its launch to build up and introduce her brand new skincare realm to the world of cosmetologists.

The singer age 32, has emblem her brand name as Buff Ryder – and further details that she wants to join the beauty industry after COVID-19 because everything has faced betrayal in the music industry, rationality is a coronavirus. Reference: thesun.co.uk

She wants to earn her billions with her upcoming skincare range after her famed Fenty brand of beautifying products.

She explained this the core reason behind the hold of her ninth album release. Her lingerie brand has been facing downfall so she is determined to set in motion while favorable conditions exist.

“Each time she uploads pictures of her modelling apparatus, sales go high”. Said the source.

With her makeup brand and her music Rihanna has accumulated an asset of $60,00,00,000.

Her last album “Anti” was declared in 2016 and she was working on a new project, dubbed as “R9’.