Rythm of lockdown under Musical weekdays

If you think you’re suffering the situation, you’re not alone.

( Weekdays feels like this )

It was a bright , shiny & long sunny day ,

I was on the terrace & birds flying away,

That day passed to me like a normal day,

‘Cuz that was one beautiful #Sunday.

Next day, was  enough to keep all busy in pray,

Me cleaning the home ,dusting all with no delay,

No going out no tension found I’m perfectly okay ,

‘Cuz that was an isolation day called #Monday.

The same shine the same call in next day,

No rainfall no wind no cloud no workday,

Me watching Netflix throughout the day,

‘Cuz that was routine day the  #Tuesday.

I woke up I ate up I dressed up in my way,

Then realized i ought not to go out anyway,

I sat back  & ran the news to kill the day,

‘Cuz that was the boring lockdown  #Wednesday.

Confined at home restricted as if it’s  Doomsday,

My mind stopped working felt quite dismay,

Thought if I were on to another star in the milky way,

‘Cuz that day was again boring #Thursday.

No change in plan No haste to rush the doorway,

I cry no pain I am alright but still want to walk away,

No News at all but My social-media runs day-to-day,

My mind say #SanaKhanNadeem you better stay,

‘Cuz it won’t end till #virus ends, it’s  #Friday.

Felt lousy lot, though well-aware of all the play ,

The game is long & things are gone in clumsy way,

I am sure till day We can’t go towards foul play,

‘Cuz We follow the rule even when it’s #Saturday.

Running Mind with Running Poetry by: Sana Khan Nadeem