Saira Peter pays homage to Pakistani women

Saira Peter expresses solidarity, pays tribute to Pakistani women via online concert on social media.

Internationally renowned vocalist and Pakistan’s only opera singer Saira Peter paid homage to Pakistani women via a virtual concert on social media.

Expressing her views on the occasion,  Saira Peter said that the show aims to express solidarity with suffering women from all over the world and specially Pakistan.

During the show, Saira Peter sang Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s famous poem ‘Hum b dekhain ge’ which received great applause from the audience.

Furthermore, Saira Peter was also accompanied renowned musician Stephen Smith who performed with her.

She highlighted that the power of forgiveness and said that the almighty has given each and every one the power to forgive and let go. Forgiveness is the key to a happy life, she said.

Saira also expressed her best wishes for the women who face and have already gone through innumerous adversities.

“We need enough strength for forgiving, adding that nobody can go ahead if we kept bitterness,” she noted.