Saira Peter to release new party, romantic songs in year 2021

Internationally renowned vocalist and Pakistan’s only opera singer Saira Peter has announced to release her new collection of songs in year 2021.

As per details, Saira Peter is set to release her song ‘Aey Zindagi Aey Zindagi’ in next week, which will be followed by the release of ‘Bajay Dil Ki Sitar’ – a composition of renowned musician Khawaja Khursheed Anwar, in February.

Expressing her views, Saira Peter said that prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, has provided artists, song writers with the opportunity to write and compose new masterpieces.

As a new year’s present to my fans, I intend to release my new single ‘Aey Zindagi Aey Zinday’ globally, she said.

The song has been composed by Saira Peter herself, whereas UK and US origin dancers have performed in its video.

It is a party song and will be appreciated by youth, said Saira.

Meanwhile, the second song ‘Dil ki Bajay Sitar’ will be released in February. The song has been composed by well acclaimed composer Khawaja Khursheed Anwar; and was initially meant for the film ‘Taan Seen’ but wasn’t released.

Khawaja Khursheed Anwar’s son Khawaja Irfan provided essential guidance enabling me to execute this song in a different way, said Saira Peter.

She also expressed gratitude to be able to collaborate with such an acclaimed music composer, and hoped that it will garner positive feedback from fans and music lovers.