Samsung contemplated to launch an assembly plant in Pakistan

The South Korean tech colossus Samsung is working on an idea to launch a smartphone assembly plant in Pakistan – declared by Hammad Azhar on Friday, the minister for industries and production.

The federal minister shared the remarks after meeting with Samsung Pakistan’s MD and CEO.

“Smartphone production in Pakistan is multiplying following Device identification, Registration and blocking system, DIBRS – implementation and mobile policy launched recently”. Declared by Azhar in a tweet.

Additionally, he added, both together MD and CEO of the Samsung Pakistan has recognized this suggestion a great idea, and praised government’s policies and lately diligently planning to design the factory of Samsung Smartphone in Pakistan.

The federal cabinet in June cleared the country’s initiative mobile device constructing policy, that had been designed by the Engineering Development Board (EDB), a techno-economic shoulder of the ministry of Industries and Productions (MOIP) – with substantial negotiation with relevant public plus private zone associates.

The policy determines to stimulate local assemblers who will bestow jobs for local engineers, skilled and semi productive youth. Pakistan is composed to capitalize the ruthless human resource advantage to tempt investment in the sector across the universe.

The upcoming policy sounds promising in the terms of localization of the fractions in a gradual manner.