Sarang Shar in custody, after public outcry over rape cases

Khairpur Police on Friday, apprehended Sarang Shar after public outcry over rape scandal involving young boys.

According to Sindh Police Department Khairpur Police, on Friday, apprehended Sarang Shar over rape and sodomy allegations against two young boys in Thari Mirwah.

An First Information Report (FIR) has been registered has been lodged against the accused.

The development comes as earlier; images went viral on social media platforms showing Sarang Shar – a retired teacher, raping a young boy (his student) Thari Mirwah area of Sindh.

As per the details, the accused was giving tuition lessons to students as the educational institutions have been closed due to coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile the legal action taken by the police has been termed insufficient by Advocate Raza Hussain, who first raised the issue on social media.

“The first FIR was weak. The police only included Section 377 of the Pakistan Penal Code,” he noted.