Shaniera Akram responds racist remarks targeting her marriage with Wasim

Wasim and his wife Shaniera Akram are being loved by many, but still, there are some people who question the pair’s decision of being in an inter-racial marriage.

Recently Shaniera received many negative comments related to her relation and while addressing all those negative comments that have been coming their way, Shaniera turned to her Instagram to spark a much-needed conversation about the acceptance of inter-racial relationships in Pakistan and around the world.

She shared an adorable image of her hands intertwined with her husband’s, Shaniera started the note by quoting some of the intolerable comments she gets to hear from both sides: “‘He only married her because she’s white. She must be easy! Does his skin smell different? Why couldn’t he marry a Brown girl? It’s not natural for two skin colours to mix. Interracial relationships never work.’”

She went on to say: “We have had it on both sides, it’s ugly and unwarranted! Skin colour only troubles the people in this world who sees it.”

“Like millions of others, we are living proof that colour means absolutely nothing, LOVE does,” she added.