Sheikh Rasheed blames Opposition for political point scoring amid virus outbreak

Rawalpindi: Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has criticized the opposition leaders for their criticism of federal government and has termed it political point scoring.

Speaking at a press conference, federal minister termed the coronavirus an unprecedented threat to all of humanity and opposition should abstain from petty political point scoring.

Expressing his views on coronavirus Relief Tiger Force established by federal government, Sheikh Rasheed stated that the volunteer force does not represent any political party and attend to assisting healthcare workers and local administration.

The coronavirus does not discriminate any group and a unified, coordinated and coherent national effort is needed to tackle this crisis, said the railway minister.

Railway operations have been suspended in the country since March 25.

Earlier, Pakistan Railways announced that it has converted 220 coaches with a total capacity of as many as 2,000 hospital beds in a bid to ease of the healthcare system that has been overwhelmed due to continuous influx of patients.