Sikh temple in Kabul attacked by armed militants

Kabul: A Sikh temple in the Afghan capital Kabul has been attacked by unknown militants, with a large number of worshipers trapped inside.

The attack is first of its kind against a place of worship of Afghanistan’s Sikh minority. There have been no reports of any casualties so far.

However, Narindra Singh Khalsa – a Parliamentarian has said that four people have been killed in the attack, while several others are still trapped inside.
Another Sikh parliamentarian, Anarkali Kaur Honaryar stated, “About 150 people inside the temple”. Some people inside the temple are hiding and their phones are off. I am very concerned.”

According to Tariq Aryan, an Interior Ministry spokesman, security forces cordoned off the area and are trying to counter the attack, which began at 7:45 am local time No organization has yet taken responsibility for the attack.

Sikh community, with around 300 families in Afghanistan, has been subjected to terrorist attacks in the past by various militant organizations.

In 2018, ISIL claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that targeted Sikh community in Jalalabad, killing more than a dozen people.