Sindh Food Authority fines Rs 25,000 to eatery over poor hygienic conditions

Sindh Food Authority (SFA), conducted an inspection and awarded a penalty of Rs 25,000 to an eatery located in Defense, Karachi.

As per the details,  Shahzaib Shaikh – Sindh Food Authority Deputy Director District South, headed the inspection of ‘Milano Pizza and Fast Food’ located in Zamzama Defense Karachi upon receiving several complaints at its complaint cell and via social media as well.

Upon inspection, the eatery was found guilty of ensuring the provision of basic hygiene measures and the use of safe ingredients and products in its food items.

SFA officials found unhygienic working conditions as well as substandard and expired ingredients which were being used in cooking at the eatery.

Mr Shahzaib Shaikh then instructed the temporary closure of the restaurant, whereas a fine of Rs 25,000  was also imposed to deter any future violations of basic hygiene and healthcare measures and guidelines by the eatery.

Sindh Food Authority’s District South team has advised the public to strictly abide by social distancing directives and coronavirus preventive measures in order to curb the virus spread.